Patty Jenkins Will Return to Direct 'Wonder Woman 2'

  • Patty Jenkins Will Return to Direct 'Wonder Woman 2'

Patty Jenkins Will Return to Direct 'Wonder Woman 2'

Behind the success of Wonder Woman, was director Patty Jenkins. Jenkins will direct, co-write and produce. Jenkins, however, wasn't confirmed to return because she was still negotiating with the studio over her pay.

The confirmation (courtesy of Variety) follows earlier reports that Jenkins was already working on the script with Geoff Johns with Warner Bros seeking a December 2019 release.

Jenkins will get directing and writing fees in the high seven figures range (somewhere between $7-9 million), as well as a "considerable backend". This is a remarkable jump considering her deal for the first Wonder Woman.

As of last weekend, Wonder Woman had surpassed Marvel's Iron Man 3, and is now sitting at number 5 in the all time domestically successful superhero films.

Jenkins who initially signed the deal for only one "Wonder Woman" movie, will also be given a fair share of the box-office earnings of the sequel.

But there was a suspense to whether Patty Jenkins will be directing the sequel or not! In the film, she acts with passion and desire and reflects both confusion from being sheltered from the world but also straightforward courage as she heads towards conflicts.

The director is more than deserving of a lucrative contract, considering the global critical and commercial success of "Wonder Woman", which soared to an worldwide haul of more than $800 million. In the meantime, Gadot's Diana Prince will make a return appearance this November in the Batman-Superman movie Justice League.

All of this sounds like good news to me: the possibility of more actually decent DC films, more successful female directors and lead characters in Hollywood, and less and less Zack Snyder.