White Nationalists Rally at University of Virginia

  • White Nationalists Rally at University of Virginia

White Nationalists Rally at University of Virginia

The group waved torches and chanted "Jews will not replace us" and "white lives matter" as they marched through the Charlottesville university.

In a facebook post, Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer condemned the demonstration by white nationalists.

In May, a torch-wielding group that included prominent white nationalist Richard Spencer gathered around the statue for a nighttime protest, and in July, about 50 members of a North Carolina-based KKK group traveled there for a rally, where they were met by hundreds of counterprotesters. The driver of the auto has been taken into custody, USA Today reported, citing the state's secretary of public safety.

Police are preparing as a group protesting the removal of a confederate statue is planning a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, this weekend.

Police declared the outbreak of violence represented an unlawful assembly and told the crowds to disperse.

-This breaking news story will be updated. University police arrested one person who was charged with assault and disorderly conduct, a university statement Saturday said.

Earlier this year city councillors voted to remove the statue and rename the park, which used to be called Lee Park, as part of a wider move across the region to tackle the history of the Confederacy, who fought to maintain slavery in the South.

He said he considered the viewpoint of those supporting the rally "abhorrent", but also says it's their right to peacefully express it.

A state of emergency has been declared in Charlottesville, Virginia, after violence erupted ahead of a large march by white supremacists. Victor Glasberg, Kessler's attorney, noted the city did not ask for counter-protests planned in Justice Park and McGuffey Parks to be moved. A spokeswoman for the University of Virginia Hospital said it treated 20 patients from the incident, and one had died.

This time the extreme right hopes to have a stronger showing thanks to the presence of various leaders of the "alt-right" movement that has been emboldened by Donald Trump's ascent to the White House.

Near the University of Virginia's rotunda, the group of protesters held a sign that read, "UVA Students Against White Supremacy". Kessler says that's a free speech violation.

A federal judge is debating whether to grant an injunction that will allow the Unite The Right rally to be held in Emancipation Park in the shadow of the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

In a statement, the city said it would honor the judge's decision. He also said "there is no place for this kind of violence in America".

"White supremacists have descended upon Charlottesville again to evoke a reaction as ugly and violent as their beliefs", he said.