Guam's residents feel USA patriotism but growing concern

  • Guam's residents feel USA patriotism but growing concern

Guam's residents feel USA patriotism but growing concern

North Korea has made no secret its plans to develop a nuclear-tipped missile able to strike the United States and has ignored worldwide calls to halt its nuclear and missile programs.

Like other US territories, Guam has a sometimes complicated relationship with the USA mainland but many across the island say despite the threats and concerns they feel reassured and protected by the military - especially in times of tense, geopolitical sparring.

Guam, with an area of only 544 square kilometers, hosts a military presence of almost 7,000 military personnel and it is expected to house thousands more in the near future, as the United States moves military assets and personnel now housed on the Japanese island of Okinawa.

I am working with Homeland Security, the Rear Admiral, and the United States to ensure our safety.

Her son responded by forwarding a letter the governor of Guam had sent out, reassuring there was no imminent threat. "It shares false information supposedly coming from the Navy regarding North Korea", Calvo stated on his Facebook page. HSA George Charfauros reminds us that there are several levels of defense all strategically placed to protect our island and our nation.

Guam has been a major base for US military aircraft since World War II. "They are here to protect the islands, just in case something happens". Their location in a USA territory means its military is just hours from potential flashpoints in the western Pacific. "I have faith in God and I have faith in our military".

North Korea assured the ASEAN it will be a "responsible nuclear power" and will pose no threat to other countries - unless they join forces with the United States.

My office will continue to provide information to our community.