Court documents: Second man arrested in cop killing changed story

  • Court documents: Second man arrested in cop killing changed story

Court documents: Second man arrested in cop killing changed story

During the course of an interview, Lowe said, investigators determined that Noble had disposed of the rifle believed to have been used in Sunday's shooting death of Clinton police Officer Gary Michael.

Henry County prosecutors charge William Grant Noble, 35, of Clinton with having thrown the rifle police claim was used by McCarthy into a body of water knowing it had been used in a crime.

Officer Michael made a traffic stop on a vehicle for a registration violation.

Ian McCarthy, 39, is charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action in Michael's death.

Manchester Police confirmed earlier this week that a warrant was issued here for McCarthy in 2013 for assault. Police say Noble acted like he was visibly upset and faked crying. He said he told his wife he needed to take out the trash and instead drove to a creek about 2 miles (3.5 kilometers) north of Clinton, where he threw it into the water. Police say they told Noble that he already knew the answer to that question. He stopped the driver suspected to be McCarthy along Green Street, near Henry County Sheriff's Office.

The officer says: "I asked him why he was fake crying and he said he had sold the firearm to McCarthy". As police were leaving, they say they asked Noble if he knew where the weapon was now located.

Noble told the officers he "panicked" when he returned home on Monday - the day after the shooting - and found the rifle leaning against an inside doorway, the statement said.

Noble saw the safe was damaged, began acting "suspicious", and asked what type of gun was used in the murder. He then went with officers to the intersection of NW 300th Road and NW 131st Road.

Acquaintances of a man charged in the killing of a western Missouri police officer say he spent most of his time at home playing video games, didn't have a job and rarely socialized with others. It was the first time Officer Michael's family had seen McCarthy. The bullets that hit Michael ultimately killed him.