Maratha Kranti Morcha takes to streets demanding jobs reservations

  • Maratha Kranti Morcha takes to streets demanding jobs reservations

Maratha Kranti Morcha takes to streets demanding jobs reservations

Around 7 lakh attend silent march in sea of humanity, demanding reservations in jobs, education.

After a few months of waiting with fear and baited breath, people of Mumbai will finally have to face the biggest silent rally in the form of Maratha Morcha on Wednesday. However, none of them could justify, when confronted, how they expected the government to expedite a matter when it is pending in the court of law. What if the state government does not accept the Maratha community's demands?

Responding to this show of strength, chief minister Devendra Fadnavis announced a package of incentives - much of which was a repetition of schemes announced previous year.

The reservations issue is now before the Bombay High Court, but Fadnavis insisted that the state government had taken a strong legal position on the issue, reported Livemint.

Satisfied by Fadnavas' assurances the march was called off.

The demands have received widespread social and political support across the state, with nearly all the major parties of Maharashtra claiming solidarity with the protestors.

According to NDTV, around 900,000 people marched on roads in support of the demands and assembled at Azad Maidan, Mumbai's large public park. "I hope the government will listen." - said Narayan Rane. Wednesday's event is being organised by the Sakal Maratha Samaj, an umbrella body of various community groups. That is why I have come here, to fight for the next Maratha generation.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter have been used to rally the community members to garner support and ensure presence on the streets. The opposition members then staged a walkout in protest from the assembly. The government has taken decisions on most of their demands. A total of Rs 5 crore would be spent by the state government to set-up hostels for Maratha students in all the districts of the state. The announcement of skill development training comes a day after the Centre sanctioned a proposal for the same. The scheme has already been approved by the central government, it will benefit more than 3 lakh students in the state.

They have been reaching the state capital by trains, private vehicles, trucks, tempos and even two-wheelers waving Maratha flags and sporting bright orange turbans, entering through railway stations and the five entry points. It has been pointing to the case pending in the court, but it has no answers as to when the Maharashtra State Commission for Backward Classes (MSCBC) will submit its recommendations.