Trevor Siemian winning Broncos' QB job easily

  • Trevor Siemian winning Broncos' QB job easily

Trevor Siemian winning Broncos' QB job easily

We've heard reports since before training camp began that Lynch was failing to claim the job the Broncos expected him to seize. "I think Trevor has earned that much, to be the first guy out", Joseph said.

Siemian, who will open the game with the starting offense against the Bears, likely goes into Thursday night having built a lead for the job for the second consecutive training camp.

"He's first out, he's been first all training camp". However, Joseph has already said Lynch will start the second preseason game - August 19 against the San Francisco 49ers - and both quarterbacks will have to navigate two days' worth of joint practices against the 49ers next week in Santa Clara, California.

In last season's preseason opener - also in Chicago - Siemian was the second quarterback into the game, behind Mark Sanchez, and Lynch was the third quarterback into the game.

The preseason will be an opportunity for one of Siemian or Lynch to create some distance over the other in the race to be Denver's starter.

The competition between the Siemian and Lynch isn't going to end anytime soon.

A similar fate will not await whichever quarterback loses this year. Siemian was steadier and had a better completion percentage. Robinson believes Siemian might just win the job again by default and elaborated on why that is the case.

But Lynch also had some picture-perfect deep passes and succeeded in the move-the-ball "four-minute offense" with the first-team offense against the No. 1 defense, while Siemian fell short working with the second-team offense against the No. 2 defense in the same period. His sparse collection of good days has been - at best - on par with Siemian's good days. Lynch appeared in three games-making two starts-and threw for 497 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. Perhaps preseason games will clear it up.