Stephanie Davis to work with domestic violence charities

  • Stephanie Davis to work with domestic violence charities

Stephanie Davis to work with domestic violence charities

"I heard him go over the gate and I thought "this is like a horror film".

She said she feared for her life during the incident.

"He was booting my glass doors with his foot, and I thought the glass was going to shatter".

Steph told Liverpool Magistrates' Court that the argument broke out following her birthday celebrations in the city as she suspected that Jeremy had been using drugs and this led to a violent row later on. I said, "You little b*****d, you had your chance, I warned you".

It had been an emotional day in court for the young mum of one who detailed the abuse at the hands of the man she had met in Celebrity Big Brother in 2016.

The Irishman was granted bail on the condition that he doesn't contact Steph, her mum or aunt - who all gave evidence - and will be given his sentence on Friday.

According to The Mirror, Stephanie cried while giving her testimony, while Jeremy laughed behind the dock and yelled "lies".

Stephanie told the court that her mother, Pauline Davies, had arrived at her home on the night in question to stop Jeremy's attack.

Se also admitted there was a time she found a packet of drugs at Stephs's house but had been too scared to call the police because "I was scared of Jeremy".

The couple have always had a tumultuous relationship and welcomed their son, Caben-Ali, together in January 2017.

At a previous court appearance on May 10, McConnell pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal damage - but denied assault by beating.

The sentencing was meant to take place yesterday afternoon after the court case concluded but was delayed because the Probation Services in Dublin, Ireland - where Jeremy lives - were unreachable.

Judge Wendy Lloyd took just 15 minutes to find Jeremy guilty, telling the court: "This is a sad story, like many of this sort there is much emotion on both sides".