YouTube App Updated With New Messaging Feature To Chat & Share Videos

  • YouTube App Updated With New Messaging Feature To Chat & Share Videos

YouTube App Updated With New Messaging Feature To Chat & Share Videos

Today YouTube launching a new video sharing feature in its mobile app.

YouTube chat: Google has released a new mobile-only feature on YouTube that that allows users to converse and share videos in a chat without leaving the app.

Users can now share videos on YouTube chat with their friends from the phone's contacts.

After over 6 months of waiting, the rest of the world is finally getting a cool new YouTube feature. The share button below the video now shows profiles of your contacts on YouTube. This time the Video sharing giant come up with video sharing and chat feature to increase the user's engagement on its platform.

That's right - anyone to whom you've ever sent an email will now have your channel sitting in their shared tab for whenever they get nosy. The company was testing this feature since previous year and was initially made available for users in Canada. The company also clarified what it means to be "advertiser-friendly" on YouTube, as well as what kinds of hate-speech would be ineligible for monetization. But now Google added some convenient way of sharing YouTube videos.

The YouTube team acknowledged that their platform is a place for creators share stories, make connections and earn money.

London Mayor Sadiq Kahn voiced his criticized Google and YouTube Monday for failing to remove four videos featuring violent gang fights, according to the technology media outlet alphr. This allows users to share videos with their contacts. For now, this feature is limited to Android and iOS.

Are you excited about this new feature from YouTube? This still can't compete with dedicated messaging apps, though.

Along with the YouTube video sharing and chatting, the YouTube users can reply to the videos they receive the other videos.

A blog post from yesterday outlines the expanded icon system: creators could see one of three new symbols next to each video.

With other social platforms offering less and less support for YouTube videos in favour of their own, the site has taken a few more steps to turn themselves into a bit of a social network.