Shoals gas prices rise again

  • Shoals gas prices rise again

Shoals gas prices rise again

Gas prices in Rhode Island are now higher than the national average, having increased by eight cents this week. Gas prices in the Hagerstown-area have only seen a 4-cent increase since the beginning of July, according to AAA reports.

For those traveling east for the summer, AAA says that gas prices in Salisbury are up 39 cents from a year ago, 23 cents from a month ago and 10 cents from a week ago.

"The 2017 demand average over the past four weeks is about one percent ahead of the same four-week period previous year", its weekly market report read. That price is still above the national average of $2.33 a gallon, which is a 2.1 cents per gallon increase.

Gas prices continue to rise, and drivers can expect continual rise with the summer demand.

Midland Odessa- $2.16/g, down 0.5 cents per gallon from last week's $2.16/g.

"U.S. crude oil inventories are moving down, while summer gasoline demand is going up - the ideal storm for August price increases", Mary Maguire of AAA said. The most expensive fuel in town reported to gasbuddy Sunday was $2.24 per gallon at a store on North Valdosta Road.

Though gas prices are on the incline, Virginia still ranks seventh for cheapest gas around the country. That's six cents more than last week and 24 cents more than a year ago, the release said. Heating oil gained 1 cent to $1.65 a gallon. Nationally, the highest average was $2.42 per gallon back in April while the lowest was $2.23 per gallon at the start of July.