Report from Waterloo as major work begins

  • Report from Waterloo as major work begins

Report from Waterloo as major work begins

Trains and buses heading to Waterloo were noticeably emptier this morning as thousands of commuters took alternative routes to work. So far, so good.

As they headed into the first working day of the major overhaul, it appeared many rail users had heeded the warnings of the disruption and had either chose to stay at home, altered their journey times or mode of transport as the predicted chaos failed to materialise.

One angry passenger tweeted: "Not only are Waterloo doing works and have half the platforms they've now got signal problems!"

Network Rail chief executive Mark Carne told the Press Association: "It's gone very well this morning".

South-West Trains has cancelled 9,600 trains from Waterloo as it shuts 50 per cent of its platforms until August 28. £800m is being spent on the work which will continue until the end of August.

The old Eurostar platforms at Waterloo have been re-opened for the first time in a decade, in a bid to ease the congestion while the works take place.

The £800million Waterloo and South West Upgrade is created to bring faster and more frequent services with a new fleet of 30 trains, providing 150 extra carriages between London and Windsor.

Passengers are advised to travel at off peak times due to expected delays and long queues. But the £800 million upgrade means almost half of the platforms are closed and services across the region are reduced. "Prob the most calm I've seen on a Monday".