Michelle Carter Sued for $4.2M by Victim's Mom

  • Michelle Carter Sued for $4.2M by Victim's Mom

Michelle Carter Sued for $4.2M by Victim's Mom

Knox noted that it's hard to feel sympathy for Carter, who sent Roy dozens of text messages urging him to follow through on his plan to kill himself and then told him to "get back in" his truck after he became frightened as it filled with carbon monoxide and briefly got out of the vehicle. She is seeking $4.2 million in damages from Carter for her son's death, the Associated Press reported.

Carter, soon to turn 21, was ordered to serve 15 months behind bars by a MA judge on Thursday, almost two months after she was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Roy's death.

But she said Carter, who told Roy over the phone to get back into his truck that was filling up carbon monoxide when he tried to back out, "deserves" sympathy instead.

After meeting in 2012 while both were on family vacations in Florida, Carter and Roy started exchanging a string of text messages that went on for nearly two years.

- The aunt of Michelle Carter's victim says the MA woman sentenced to prison in connection with his suicide "has a damaged moral core".

Roy's family told the court that they were devastated by his death.

In 2014, Carter, 17, and Roy, 18, (both from Massachusetts) were in a long-distance relationship, mostly through texts.

Knox, who was convicted and later cleared of killing her roommate Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy, reached out to Michelle Carter in the Los Angeles Times. She said after Roy's death, Carter put on a charade as "the grieving girlfriend" for Roy's family and friends, even though she had repeatedly pressured him to act on his suicidal thoughts. "You just have to do it", Carter wrote in one text. In announcing Carter's sentencing, Judge Lawrence Moniz said that she could stay free pending appeals.

The court, though, was shown texts from the then teen, one read "the time is right and you are ready babe. just do it".

"Michelle Carter deserves the same sympathy and help now". Now, many of Roy's relatives are speaking out about the sentencing.

Lynn hopes to establish a memorial for Conrad since she can no longer have him in her life. "She was a bright young lady, did well in school and I am satisfied that she was mindful of the actions for which she now stands convicted". After that, they only met in person a handful of times. "Like I don't get why you aren't", she added in another message. She also can not leave the state of MA, must have a mental health evaluation, and submit DNA samples.

The judge also wrote that Carter sought to have Roy delete text messages between the two, suggesting she understood the severity of the repercussions.