Khattar draws ire for 'shielding' stalking accused

  • Khattar draws ire for 'shielding' stalking accused

Khattar draws ire for 'shielding' stalking accused

This case has nothing to do with Subhash Barala.

BJP's Member of Parliament (MP) from Kurukshetra Rajkumar Saini has asked the party chief to resign from his position to protect the party's image. "Exemplary and timely punishment for offences a must", it said on Sunday. "With my associate lawyer A.P. Jagga, I will file a PIL", he tweeted.

The girl also received support from within the BJP itself! "If it (party) has a little bit of self-respect, it should remove such a president".

"The CCTV footage is missing".

A 29-year-old woman was stalked and harassed on Saturday night by two men in an SUV - one of them the son of a BJP leader.

Separately, the leaders have gone ahead with their attacks on the Khattar regime. In fact some leaders even said that this incident has set the precedent for other state chiefs. His response came as the opposition stepped up its demand for Barala's resignation and criticised the Chandigarh police for not charging his son with attempted kidnapping.

"We will not interfere with the investigation or the prosecution, just as we do not want the accused to influence the investigation in any way". He has pointed that this amounts to losing important evidence. "Barala has not resigned, and he will not resign", Jain told The Indian Express.

The cadres and workers these two opposition parties have been organising local-level protests across the state.

"The good thing is that it was reported". Her narrative has kicked up a social media storm, and a controversy about the safety of women in Chandigarh, India's most planned city. Earlier it was called eve teasing, now it is stalking.

Speaking to NDTV, Varnika said the two tried to say "it was a mistake" after being caught by the police. After facing backlash for their U-turn, the police said that they were seeking legal opinion regarding the dropped sections. The police have said there was no political pressure in the case, which sounds like a big, fat, brazen lie.

He accused Modi and Amit Shah of trying to save the BJP leader's son.

"Had it happened to a common man in Haryana, the case would have been hushed by now".

"If I had been a village girl, probably I would not have the resources to fight these guys", said the complainant who appeared on television with her father by her side to present her viewpoint. On Monday evening, appearing before the Chandigarh SSP Ish Singhal left Press Conference, to keep the police side, he did not answer all the questions of the media.

"The "Swacchta Abhiyan" should not only be limited to cleaning litter and filth on the streets".

Deputy Superintendent of Police Satish Kumar said that they tried to get CCTV footage from nine CCTV cameras along the route, from Sector 7 to Housing Board traffic light point, but all were found to be "non-functional".