Amazon selling toilet paper printed with Trump tweets

  • Amazon selling toilet paper printed with Trump tweets

Amazon selling toilet paper printed with Trump tweets

Karen Krohnon said: 'Hey, this is a big improvement over the exhausted face-on-toilet paper trope that is applied to every politician to reach prominence.

A single roll is up for $9.99, a little less than the $12.95 that it costs for a role of toilet paper with pictures of Trump's face. Originally the product was being sold by a third-party company by the name Toilet Tweets, but the page did state delivery was to be "fulfilled by Amazon".

After Trump blocked Chrissy Teigen on Twitter, see her most scathing Trump tweets to date.

Donald Trump's tweets have become such an integral part of everyday lives that online store has now introduced toilet paper rolls with the US President's tweets printed on them. Trump tweeted in 2014. Gift-wrapping was even available for the product for that "perfect" gift. In at least one 2013 tweet, then-private citizen Trump advised the stay out of Syria.

'Double ply toilet tissue printed throughout with a collection of ten of Donald Trump's tweets that we deemed were most suitable for flushing, ' description reads.

Many on social media reacted with hilarity, with at least two saying the roll "Could make for some amusing reading material while on the toilet". "The next time you have to take your daily 4 am dump, are enraged by the mainstream media reporting truth and facts about what a toilet bowl of a presidency you are running, and Fox & Friends isn't on yet, . grab a wad of these brilliant tweets and wipe away", the reviewer added. It was while Trump was accusing the Washington Post, also owned by Jeff Bezos, of publishing "fake news" that he said Bezos was using the newspaper to protect Amazon from paying higher taxes.