4G LTE Apple Watch Series 3 due 'later this year'

  • 4G LTE Apple Watch Series 3 due 'later this year'

4G LTE Apple Watch Series 3 due 'later this year'

As it stands, the popular wearable device requires a wireless connection to a user's iPhone for music, maps, etc., but the company is reportedly planning to, by the end of 2017, equip some of the new models with LTE chips that would cut the proverbial cord. The Apple Watch now needs to be connected to an iPhone to do most of its tasks, such as receive notifications, stream music, send messages on the go, etc. Speaking of LTE, Intel is slated to provide the modem chips for LTE.

It's now unclear if users will have to buy a separate cellular data plan for an LTE Apple Watch nor is it clear which carriers will support it. While that doesn't mean much for potential customers، it's a big deal in the fight between Intel and Qualcomm، the dominant LTE modem supplier.

According to Bloomberg, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon all plan to sell the new device. Right now, Apple Watch lasts a day on a single charge.

John Gruber, who runs the Daring Fireball blog and has been known to have early information on Apple products, said he had also heard the new cellular watch model would include an "all-new form factor". LTE will give Apple Watch even more independence from iPhone.

Until now, Apple didn't change their watch designs and Bloomberg didn't mention whether Apple will keep the same design or change it. The coordination ought to permit Apple Watch proprietors to abandon their iPhone and still get close full usefulness out of the watch.

Apple last introduced an Apple Watch, the Series 2, in September of 2016. We probably don't know exactly how this kind of tech is going to play out yet - like whether it needs a separate data plan or would be more expensive. Apple is in an ongoing battle with Qualcomm over patents، and choosing Intel here seems to be another way to slight its opponent.

Apple Inc intends to release a rendition of its smartwatch in the not so distant future that can interface specifically to cell systems, Bloomberg provided details regarding Friday, refering to individuals acquainted with the issue. This has been the crux of argument many give for not using a smartwatch.