Woman yells about gunfire at San Francisco park

  • Woman yells about gunfire at San Francisco park

Woman yells about gunfire at San Francisco park

He says some of the men wore bandannas that covered all but their eyes.

Hatter said several of the park regulars confronted the group on the bridge and that he personally heard people yelling.

A second later, he said, one of the men drew a handgun and fired six to seven shots in quick succession.

Two people directly behind Hatter were struck.

A San Francisco General Hospital official said one of the victims has life-threatening injuries and remains in critical condition.

Another man was treated and released, he said. He wouldn't provide any other details.

San Francisco police plan to increase patrols at Dolores Park in response to yesterday's triple shooting. 3 shooting victims at this time.

San Francisco Police Officer Grace Gatpandan says police are looking for at least one gunman who opened fire at a park and then fled. San Francisco police are now seeking any video surveillance in the neighborhood to help identify if this was connected to the shooting.

A witness says the park was packed at the time of the shooting with families and tourists.

She said once people realized gunshots were erupting, they started running in a panic.

Antonia Juhasz, another witness, said she was sitting in the park reading when she heard the gunfire. The woman told the news agency that the park was full of tourists and families and that she began yelling "It's actually a gun, it's actually a gun!" to warn people.

Juhasz added it was a terrifying moment because people were not reacting, possibly thinking the blasts were fireworks. "All are being transported to the hospital", the department tweeted. "I think there were a total of three shots".

After the shootings, witnesses saw a auto speeding away with a group of people inside, according to police spokeswoman Grace Gatpandan.

The younger of the two men sustained life-threatening injuries, while the other two's wounds are considered non-life threatening, police said.

The gunshots rang out at around 3:00pm in Dolores Park near the statue of Miguel Hidalgo in the city's Mission District Thursday. It's also near a high school.