Trump to swear in new chief of staff today

Kelly reportedly called Comey and said he was angered by Trump's decision and was considering resigning.

'And we look forward to - if it's possible - an even better job as chief of staff, ' he said.

Sources inside the White House told ABC News that Scaramucci offered his resignation Monday morning to the newly sworn in Kelly, with a request to be redeployed as chief strategy officer at the Export-Import Bank, to allow Kelly to assert his leadership in the West Wing.

Spicer remained in the White House on Monday, saying he was there to assist with the communications transitions.

Kelly is "not going to force President Trump into structure that's not going to work", Miller said. "They have a beachhead".

Trump undermined his chief of staff throughout their six months together, calling him "Reince-y" and mocking him in front of colleagues - like the time the president made fun of Priebus for expressing excitement at spotting his Wisconsin house on the ground from Air Force One.

Kelly's start follows a wild week, marked by a profane tirade by Scaramucci, the president's continued criticism of his attorney general and the failed effort by Senate Republicans to overhaul the nation's health care law.

Another diplomatic fissure opened Sunday when Russian President Vladimir Putin said the US would have to cut its embassy and consulate staff in Russia by several hundred under new sanctions from Moscow.

This is where Kelly comes in: a military man tasked with getting a chaotic White House back on track.

Kelly began to make his mark Monday, dumping newly-appointed communications director Anthony Scaramucci just days after his hiring, and restructuring a dysfunctional command structure that has bred warring factions. He said having Gen. Kelly in the White House will really help. Also unclear is whether a new chief of staff will have any influence over the president's social media histrionics.

Some outside the White House say those and other changes are long overdue.