Destiny 2 Will Limit Streaming Options On PC

  • Destiny 2 Will Limit Streaming Options On PC

Destiny 2 Will Limit Streaming Options On PC

But other methods will work, including hardware capture through Elgato or AVerMedia.

One of the reasons why Activision is so optimistic about Destiny 2 is because it is taking steps to broaden the franchise's appeal, Hirshberg said, with things like bringing it to PC, localising it for more countries, and partnering with Blizzard to launch the PC edition through the World of Warcraft company's massively popular service. The devs explain that using the windowed capture modes of those app will be permitted, though. While the Game Capture functions for XSplit are relatively innocuous, they (apparently) fall under the same general category of network interactions that cheat programs use to inject code into the game.

PLEASE NOTE: Other recording applications, such as Dxtory, Razer Cortex, Fraps have similar restrictions to those outlined above.

Overlays Some features from third-party applications which rely on the use of screen overlays are generally not compatible with Destiny 2. Notification features may still be provided through the third-party application. It includes the checking of the functionality of "Destiny 2" on a new gaming platform to allow PC players to have the first dibs on the game, as well as to open up a venue to incorporate added surprises for the final edition of the best-selling shooter video game's sequel.

This relates to Exclusive Fullscreen, where more of your PC's resources are put towards running the game.

Hardware Monitoring Framerate and statistics overlays, such as those provided by EVGA Precision XOC, MSi Afterburner, and Fraps, are not compatible with Destiny 2.

Lastly, Bungie revealed what exactly is their aim for the Destiny 2 PC beta. According to the developer, the PC version of the game will have limitations for particular PC and third-party programs.