Bikers Escort Bullied Sixth-Grader To School

  • Bikers Escort Bullied Sixth-Grader To School

Bikers Escort Bullied Sixth-Grader To School

The Motorcycle Community has come together to help stand up against bullying and show our support for those that are getting bullied.

"I met Phil and I met Tammy and she had told be about him getting bullied", Warfield told ABC News. Brent Warfield, who works for a motorcycle dealership, made a decision to put a message out of Facebook to see who might be able to show up to help him.

An Indiana boy who was relentlessly bullied at school got some help from an unlikely source. "Sometimes, kids would come up and kick me in the wrong areas", Phil said.

The Indiana 6 grader embarked on his first day of school with a band of bikers backing him up.

The group certainly went above and beyond for their new pal, Phil. This year, Warfield, a local biker and friend, wanted to make sure the teasing wouldn't happen again.

When Mick told Warfield that Phil was physically and verbally abused at school because of his weight, Warfield vowed to help out.

Before the ride, a member from the Christian Motorcyclists Association led a prayer wishing Phil a safe school year.

Phil hopped on the back of a bike for his first motorcycle ride, and the group, resplendent on their Harleys and in their leather jackets, thundered down the street.

The school's principal, Matthew Vince, lauded the bikers for their efforts. The boy's story "hit my heart", he said. "And they did it in a positive way". So he persuaded 50 of his buddies to escort Phil to his first day at a new school - to put any prospective bullies on notice.

"Standing up against bullying - we need more of that", he told NBC Chicago.

Mick described Warfield as a "god angel" to Phil, who had been tormented to the point that he felt worthless and would call himself stupid, she said.