Facebook unviels new measure to check fake news

  • Facebook unviels new measure to check fake news

Facebook unviels new measure to check fake news

A post written by a third-party fact checker critiquing the original story might also be included.

"These additional articles will appear for topics many people are talking about on Facebook, in a unit below the link".

The move is the latest by Facebook to help curb the spread of fake or inaccurate news across the two-billion member social network.

Facebook says its objective with Related Articles and updated machine learning tech is to offer users more context on the validity of a story they see in their feed.

The change will affect Facebook pages in the United States, Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

Also, Facebook said its machine learning algorithm has improved its efficiency, meaning it will now send more potential false news to fact-checkers.

"It might take a while to reach other locations, depending on how quickly Facebook can cut deals with local fact checkers worldwide", the report added.

Facebook has publicly pledged to do more to combat fake news after it was heavily criticised following the U.S. presidential election a year ago, when some commentators suggested pro-Donald Trump stories flooding the site may have influenced the result, something founder Mark Zuckerberg strongly hit back against.

"Since starting this test, we've heard that Related Articles helps give people more perspectives and additional information, and helps them determine whether the news they are reading is misleading or false", the company said in an updated blog post.

Now, officials are moving forward with the latter initiative and rolling it out more broadly.