Government announces fire safety and building regs review

  • Government announces fire safety and building regs review

Government announces fire safety and building regs review

A spokesman said: 'It is important to note that the recommendation to move patients is not just because of the cladding, but because of a combination of safety factors with this building'.

From this week, residents from 33 flats in the tower and 22 flats in Grenfell Walk which were least affected by the fire will be able to ask specialist teams to recover their personal possessions safely.

Javid said: "This independent review will ensure we can swiftly make any necessary improvements".

Experts have previously voiced concerns that building regulations are unclear on the use of combustible cladding, which paved the way to their use by contractors.

Terms of reference for the review will be published this summer, once the terms of reference for the Grenfell Tower public inquiry have been agreed, and an interim report is expected before the end of the year, with a final report published by spring 2018. With test fails on buildings owned by a range of landlords across the country, we are pleased the government has accepted our call to begin an urgent and immediate review of building regulations.

It will also look at how the rest of the world handles fire safety issues in similar buildings, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) said.

Six test specimens of three common types of ACM panel failed safety tests conducted by the Buildings Research Establishment, which reported its findings last week.

John Healey, the shadow secretary of housing, criticised the government's testing programme for being confused and too slow.

"Government is determined to make sure that we learn the lessons from the Grenfell Tower fire, and to ensure nothing like it can happen again". "Landlords still can't get other types of cladding tested and government ministers still can't say how many high-rise blocks are unsafe".