Christie confronts Cubs fan because he said 'awful stuff'

  • Christie confronts Cubs fan because he said 'awful stuff'

Christie confronts Cubs fan because he said 'awful stuff'

Christie told CNN's Jake Tapper that he ignored the man's comments the first time, but when the man yelled at him again he says he felt like he had to say something. In a lengthy post, he wrote, "Many people on social media have assumed that I must be a liberal or democrat, but I want to be clear that this was not about republicans or democrats".

"Public officials are public servants. I ain't him", he said.

"I've always said this, whether it was my town hall meetings or any place else, if you give it, you're gonna get it back", he said.

Christie was at a game Sunday when a spectator went after him, hurling insults and profanity. I don't think it's the right of anybody to stand up and swear at you and curse you out, ' he added.

The man identified as Brad Joseph admitted he did tell the Governor that he "sucked" and was a "hypocrite" at two points during the game, which prompted Governor Christie to get in the Cubs fan's face.

After the incident, Joseph detailed his exchange with Christie.

"When he initially was going up the stairs I yelled his name". (He) was yelling at me. After calling me a big shot a few more times, he relented and turned away, as I thanked him for his opinion.

Other fans surrounding the man could be heard laughing loudly as Christie got within inches of his face.

He was heckled after he caught a foul ball while sitting in the third row in the third inning without even getting out of his seat. Christie said that would be unlawful, but agreed to promptly sign a back pay bill that comes out of the Legislature.

Between 30,000 and 35,000 state employees deemed nonessential to government operations lost one to three days of work, depending on their work site, as a budget impasse threw the state into a government shutdown.

In response to Christie's constituent snub, on Monday, the state's General Assembly voted 63-2 in favor of preventing Christie and all future governors from soaking up the sun when the people who voted them into office can not, CNN reported.