LG set to make OLED screens for 2018 iPhones

  • LG set to make OLED screens for 2018 iPhones

LG set to make OLED screens for 2018 iPhones

As 9to5Mac reports, several factors shed light on this notion: first, Kuo says the OLED display "has been the single most troublesome component for Apple".

Huawei has long had its sights set on Apple, and in December previous year was quick to boast that it sold more smartphones than the iPhone maker in 2016, albeit briefly. The backing of LG by Apple is a way for the company to outsource and limit the leverage Samsung has over it right now.

Apple will reportedly tap LG as the second supplier apart from Samsung that will manufacture OLED displays for the iPhone, the 10th-anniversary iPhone the company plans to unveil this fall, according to rumors. Thus, Kuo believes Apple will commit to LG Display for production of OLED displays for iPhones due in 2018.

In the meantime, Google is also expected to invest 1 trillion won in LG Display's OLED production as it is preparing for its first OLED smartphone.

"The Mate 10 series will surpass Apple's iPhone 8 as our phone will have much longer battery life, a full-screen display, much faster-charging speed, much better camera and photographic capability, as well as much better overall user experience", claimed Richard Yu Chengdong, chief executive of Huawei's consumer business group.

If LG Display can deliver, then that'd be great for it, great for Apple, and an obvious negative for Samsung's display business as it loses OLED display pricing power and unit share.

As the iPhone 8 ramps up, Samsung should further benefit. If one supplier, for whatever reason, fails to deliver, Apple can still supply product by leaning more heavily on others. Foxconn's partnership with LG to provide for a smooth supply chain for Apple.

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