Google launches 'Google Play made for India' initiative

  • Google launches 'Google Play made for India' initiative

Google launches 'Google Play made for India' initiative

As one can expect, this version of the Windows Dev Center app for Android is now a work in progress, hence it is listed as "unreleased" on the Google Play Store. This is the biggest app market now and all Android smartphones come with Google Play Store pre-installed if you live outside China.

That's when we found out that there are 800 million Google Drive users in the world, while Google Photos helps other 500 million users to store their photos each and every month.

Last year, Google announced "Build for Billions" guidelines to help developers overcome challenges such as varying network connectivity, device specifications, and high data costs.

However, this doesn't mean that the app has been downloaded 5 billion times manually.

Google Play services also enhance your app experience.

Google on Tuesday unveiled its "Make in India" initiative in its first ever App Excellence Summit for Android app developers in Bengaluru.

Both users need to have the Google Duo app installed, so this isn't some magical built-in Duo tech but it's more like a quick shortcut to launch a video call without leaving the Truecaller app.

Google Play Services, which usually comes preinstalled along with android devices, is one app that houses all major Google services such as Play Music, Play Books, and the rest. The app also now has a dedicated screen saver section in the settings.

Google Play services is used to update Google apps and apps from Google Play. "Google Play Protect has notified all affected devices and removed theLipizzan apps", the post read.

According to Google, the total number of Android users has crossed the US users base.