French Airport Worker Punched Passenger With Baby After 13-Hour Delay

  • French Airport Worker Punched Passenger With Baby After 13-Hour Delay

French Airport Worker Punched Passenger With Baby After 13-Hour Delay

Passengers of easyJet flight 2122 from Nice Côte d'Azur International Airport in southern France became embroiled in heated exchanges with airport and airline staff after their flight to London's Luton Airport was delayed for more than 12 hours Saturday.

EasyJet Flight EZY2122 was scheduled to depart from Nice for a journey to Luton Airport in London, but had been delayed for 12 hours, causing numerous passengers to become verbally frustrated by the situation.

A woman who photographed the encounter told the news network her husband restrained the worker after he threw the punch.

The man with the baby returned to the airport with a fresh welt on his face and received applause from the other passengers, who were now seated and ready to take off, according to Arkwright.

A spokesperson for the airline confirmed that the airport employee does not work for EasyJet.

The moment an airport worker punched a frustrated passenger has been caught on camera by another traveller.

Neither the punched passenger nor the Samsic employee were identified.

In a statement they said: 'Nice Airport confirms the altercation last night between a passenger and an agent of a subcontracting company.

An official for Nice Airport told CNN that the employee - who did not work for EasyJet, but rather a subcontractor called Samsic - had been suspended by his employers at Samsic. "We are taking this up with Nice Airport & their special assistance provider Samsic who we understand this person works for".

The Briton, who was waiting for a flight to Luton, is thought to be back in the United Kingdom but could be extradited. "When he arrived on the plane, all the plane clapped him", said Arkwright.

"Clearly it is a misconduct situation".

It wasn't enough for a Flight Attendant to merely challenge a passenger to a fight. The flight experienced 11-hour delays. "We worked hard to arrange a replacement flight so passengers could travel to London Luton as soon as possible and appreciate how frustrating the delay would have been". Passengers were given refreshment vouchers and were updated throughout the delay.

"The safety and wellbeing of our passengers and crew is always easyJet's highest priority", the airline said.

The airline apologised for the delay to flight EZY2122 because of a "technical issue with the aircraft".