Newspaper: IS claims attack on Iraq embassy in Kabul

  • Newspaper: IS claims attack on Iraq embassy in Kabul

Newspaper: IS claims attack on Iraq embassy in Kabul

There have been no immediate reports of casualties.

In a statement, the Afghan Foreign Affairs Ministry said the "wild terrorists have once again removed the masks from their rude and cruel faces and shown that they do not obey any human laws".

Also, IS said only two of its followers were involved in the attack, not four as Kabul officials said, adding to the conflicting reports.

Danish told AP that there were no casualties among the police or civilians, but one policeman was wounded. No embassy staff were injured.

Diplomatic missions are civilian objects protected under global humanitarian law, and attacks directed at them are serious violations that may amount to war crimes.

The terrorist attack will not discourage Iraq in its fight against terrorism, urging the worldwide community to intensify efforts to fight terrorism.

It said two of its members attacked the embassy and killed at least seven guards. In the area there was a rumble of grenades and continued shooting, the press reported.

"A suicide bomber blew up himself at the entrance of the embassy while three others made their way in, and started shooting", he said.

Earlier, Afghan officials said a auto bomb had started the assault. Later on, it became clear the suicide bomber was on foot and not driving a auto. "The quick-response police forces arrived in time and evacuated the Iraqi diplomats to safe place".

Shortly after the attack began, an Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan said it was behind the assault.

Security forces were at the scene and witnesses in the area reported hearing gunshots as the firefight continues. Several other attackers appear to have taken cover in the embassy building.

Initial reports suggested that the suicide bomber was in a auto, but later on it became clear that the attacker was on foot.

"The explosion was so strong".

Iraq's Embassy in Afghanistan's Kabul has been targeted with a suicide terrorist attack.