USA seeks new inspections on Iranian military sites

  • USA seeks new inspections on Iranian military sites

USA seeks new inspections on Iranian military sites

Then-Secretary of State John Kerry, then-Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and then-E.U. foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton with other participants hold talks over Iran's nuclear program in Geneva on November 9, 2013.

Iran and six world powers, namely Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States, reached an agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue in July 2015, which put Tehran on the path of sanctions relief but with more strict limits on its nuclear program.

The Trump administration this month certified that Iran is complying with the worldwide agreement placing limits on its nuclear program - but for a while it looked as if the certification wouldn't happen.

Iran is not likely to react dramatically to these sanctions, if they become law, because the sanctions would not be targeting Iran's civilian economic sectors, Kenneth Katzman, a senior analyst at the Congressional Research Service, which conducts research and analysis for the US Congress, believes.

"A week after reaffirming that Iran is complying with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action negotiated by his democratic predecessor, Barack Obama, Trump made clear to thousands of raucous supporters that he remains extremely wary of Tehran in an effort to deflect attention from his internal disputes and domestic woes".

"You would have thought they would have said, 'Thank you, United States, we really love you very much, '" Trump continued.

"The U.S. House of Representatives, with the adoption of these non-nuclear sanctions, and in the event of its finalization and implementation, has ignored and threatened the implementation of a multilateral and worldwide agreement that is the result of efforts made in several years", Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said.

He also said Iran would take reciprocal actions against the move.

The Trump administration has repeatedly certified that Iran has satisfied these conditions, but the cliffhanger circumstances surrounding the certification leave doubt about the future.

Rouhani's comments followed a bipartisan bill on Tuesday afternoon by the U.S. House of Representatives that includes new sanctions against Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

Iran will respond firmly to U.S.

The new sanctions bill "can influence the successful implementation of the JCPOA and reduce Iran's benefits under the JCPOA", Araghchi said.

According to Reuters, Trump said on Tuesday that Tehran should adhere to the terms of the nuclear deal or else face "big, big problems". On Friday, Foreign Policy magazine reported that Trump assigned White House staffers, rather than the State Department, to make the potential case for withholding certification of Iran at the next 90-day review of the nuclear deal. "If they don't let us in, boom".

"They assume Iran would surrender under a little pressure, but they are wrong".