Sweden in political crisis over botched outsourcing deal

  • Sweden in political crisis over botched outsourcing deal

Sweden in political crisis over botched outsourcing deal

Minister of infrastructure Anna Johansson will be replaced by the Social Democrats parliamentary whip Tomas Eneroth, and minister of interior Ygeman by justice minister Morgan Johansson.

She added: "If you discover a breach this grave, why not alert the prime minister and each other?"

The turmoil dated back to 2015, when Sweden's Transport Agency outsourced the handling of its data to IT company IMB, which then offered the work out to foreign sub-contractors who did not have the necessary clearance to access the sensitive information, which included registration data for every vehicle in Sweden. Peter Hultqvist remains as defence minister.

The crisis was provoked by a serious flaw in the Swedish transport agency data systems.

IBM in turn used subcontractors overseas, making sensitive information and an entire database of Swedish drivers' licences accessible by foreign technicians who did not have the usual security clearance. "That must have consequences, here and now", Centre Party leader Annie Lööf said.

The third Cabinet member targeted by the opposition - Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist, however, is keeping his job for the time being. Mr Lofven himself said earlier this week: "This is a disaster".

Four right-wing opposition parties announced they plan to file a motion of no-confidence on Wednesday, but it was unclear if Hultqvist would face such a motion. "I want to take responsibility so that the country doesn't end up with political chaos", Lofven told journalists in Stockholm.

The Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has announced his response to yesterday's motion of no-confidence against three government ministers.

"Sweden's security has been jeopardised".