Escaped Rikers Island Inmate Captured

  • Escaped Rikers Island Inmate Captured

Escaped Rikers Island Inmate Captured

Busloads of relatives of inmates arrived after waiting for some four hours after being held during the search of the island.

K-9 units and an NYPD helicopter started searching at once, with Port Authority officers and State Police joining in.

Bedlam ruled on Rikers Island Wednesday when an inmate hopped a fence and slipped into the night, sparking a lockdown and massive manhunt.

Shortly after Hill escaped, a spokesperson for the Department of Corrections, Peter Thore, told 'This evening, on Rikers Island, it appears an inmate did not return from outdoor recreation'. Police vehicles, many with their lights flashing, were seen coming to and from the island. Authorities say a 24-year-old inmate managed step one but not the all-important step two, reports the New York Times.

"They searched us", said another.

An investigation into how the inmate escaped is underway, but officials thanked law enforcement officers who brought him back into custody. "They just said that they were on red alert and no one could come in or out". During that time hundred of visitors to the island weren't allowed off the bus while the search commenced.

Another woman said people started fighting and kicking doors open on the bus.

Rikers Island is the city's largest jail and has been plagued for years by a culture of violence and corruption.