Zimbabwean First Lady urges Mugabe to name successor

  • Zimbabwean First Lady urges Mugabe to name successor

Zimbabwean First Lady urges Mugabe to name successor

Mugabe himself, however, did not speak at the meeting.

This is the first time Mrs Mugabe has publicly urged her husband to name a successor, although she did not say whether her statements were aimed at next year's election.

However, in comments that betray her growing fears her 93-year-old husband could be seeing the last years of his lengthy career, Grace told a Zanu PF women's league national assembly meeting in Harare that Mugabe should break his own vows and appoint a successor sooner rather than later.

Macapulane a self exiled former politician described Mugabe as a mafia who is trying to get the sympathy of the people to execute his succession plan amid reports of his deteriorating health.

"We did not support the bill, essentially because in terms of substance, it's not something that will enhance the independence of the judiciary", Innocent Gonese, chief whip of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, said after the vote. Which horse should we back? "Why should our horse be concealed?" she added, in a speech switching between English and local language Shona. Mark my words, his word will be final'.

"Because we respect him, his word will be final".

In February, Mrs Mugabe said her husband was so popular that if he died, he could run as a corpse and still win in an election.

Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe since independence in 1980.

The 52-year-old Grace Mugabe leads the party's women's league and has grown increasingly powerful in recent years.

She said that this is the trend in other countries, and will enable all members of the party to rally behind one candidate.

Some analysts have suggested that Robert Mugabe, who visibly struggles to walk these days, could call an early election.

The constitution stipulates the earliest date Mugabe can call an election is in July 2018.

Mugabe and his wife have warned against senior party officials anointing themselves as successors.