EU's Top Court Rules That Hamas is a Terrorist Organization

  • EU's Top Court Rules That Hamas is a Terrorist Organization

EU's Top Court Rules That Hamas is a Terrorist Organization

The case came before the ECJ because of a judgement made by a lower European Union court in 2014, which annulled a decision made 13 years previously to list Hamas as a terror group.

"Only the initial entry of a person or entity on the list must be based on a national decision by a competent authority", it added.

In 2001, the ECJ listed Hamas as a terror group, but the initial judgment was appealed in 2010, and four years later it was annulled by a lower European Union court.

The earlier decision to drop Hamas from the terrorist blacklist triggered outrage in the United States and Israel because, as both countries argue, Brussels had made the decision based on the information from the Internet and the media. The EU needed to rely on more recent material than used in its initial decision، it said.

"It refers the case back to the General Court so that the latter may examine the facts and arguments on which it did not rule in its 2014 judgement".

Accordingly, the ECJ "should annul the measures. on procedural grounds", Sharpston said. The court often, but not always, follows them.

A press release from the Court of Justice said the Council of the European Union said that the deciison to continue to freeze LTTE funds overlooked.

The EU maintains an active sanctions policy, targeting individuals, groups and states, including several other Palestinian entities.

Hamas beat out the ruling Fatah party by a landslide during the 2006 legislative elections in the occupied Palestinian territory.

For the last decade, Hamas has been the de facto government of Gaza, while the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority has controlled the West Bank.

Neither Hamas nor Israel had an immediate reaction.

Matthew Levitt and Maxine Rich of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy described the document as an attempt by Hamas "at widening its global appeal at a time when the group faces multiple challenges".