BMW Group Announces New Battery-Electric MINI Three-Door Variant

  • BMW Group Announces New Battery-Electric MINI Three-Door Variant

BMW Group Announces New Battery-Electric MINI Three-Door Variant

German vehicle manufacturer BMW on Tuesday said it would build an all-electric version of its Mini in Britain, a move hailed by the country's government as it negotiates Brexit.

BMW Group is aiming for electrified vehicles to account for between 15-25% of its sales, but regulations, incentives, and charging infrastructure will play a large role in determining how electrification is adopted from market to market.

"This fully electric auto [the new battery-electric MINI] will go into production in 2019, increasing the choice of MINI powertrains to include petrol and diesel internal combustion engines, a plug-in hybrid and a battery electric vehicle". BMW needs to react quickly and appropriately to customer demand, so it has developed a flexible system across the global production network; its production system will create structures that enable facilities to build combustion engine, plug-in hybrid, or fully-electric drive train vehicles at the same time.

Whilst Oxford will be the main production location for the electric Mini, the electric motor will be built in Germany before being transported to Cowley for assembly.

BMW's ongoing dedication to electrification will serve it well in the United Kingdom, where it has been announced that new diesel and petrol cars will be banned by 2040. While even the Fiat 500e is not up to the level of Tesla models or other high end electric and hybrid vehicles, the E-Mini with a lower price point that high end electric cars should be able to capitalize on its history and entice a whole new generation of buyers of the iconic brand. They already produce both electric and hybrid vehicles under the BMW brand, producing those cars a 10 different plants worldwide.

The first model to be offered under the aegis of BMW's electrification program will be the electric Mini Cooper. Dingolfing additionally builds the plug-in hybrid versions of the BMW 5 Series and the BMW 7 Series and from 2021, it will build the BMW i NEXT. The company claims to have invested €100m in electric-mobility at the Dingolfing site. The next electric model from the company will be the BMW i8 Roadster.

The Munich-based automaker has shared some details on how it plans to electrify all the models under its and MINI's portfolio.