Bhandarkar happy with SC's nod to release 'Indu Sarkar'

  • Bhandarkar happy with SC's nod to release 'Indu Sarkar'

Bhandarkar happy with SC's nod to release 'Indu Sarkar'

The court added that there is a very minor scope of judicial review as the film has already been certified by the Central Board of Film Certification which has experts on its panel and is capable of giving proper judgement on films.

The counsel told that the movie was scheduled to hit the screens on July 28 and they are seeking a stay on its release. The counsel for the petitioner had submitted that the movie was "full of concocted facts and is totally derogatory".

Meanwhile, Indu Sarkar was also in trouble over a petition filed by 48-year-old Priya Singh Paul, who claims to be Sanjay Gandhi's unacknowledged biological daughter.

"The movie is an artistic expression within the parameters of law", said the bench while dismissing the plea of Priya Singh Paul. Bhandarkar said he wants the present generation to know what exactly happened during the 1975-77 emergency, as per ANI. Abiding by the CBFC's suggestions, Bhandarkar made revisions to the film and was granted a certificate by the board to release the movie. So, if as the Director himself says the movie is mostly fictional, why the name 'Indu?'Why the striking resemblance to Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi of two lead characters? The petitioner moved to the Supreme court when her petition was dismissed by the Bombay High Court.

The bench noted the submission by Mehta that it was a dramatisation of a situation portrayed in the movie and, in any case, a film director has the fundamental right to express himself as long as it remained within its boundaries.

Indu Sarkar is a Madhur Bhandarkar film based during the times of emergency imposed by the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi.

Following the protests against the release of the movie, Madhur Bhandarkar had to cancel more than one promotional event for the film.