5 scenes which show Fergus Beeley is the real Basil Fawlty

  • 5 scenes which show Fergus Beeley is the real Basil Fawlty

5 scenes which show Fergus Beeley is the real Basil Fawlty

At points, Beeley shouts that he's putting members of the family, including the child, "under a citizen's arrest" and yells for the driver, identified by local media as 33-year-old Simon Gale, to "get back in the auto before you die!"

Her 50-year-old mother, 14-year-old son Joshua and partner Simon Gale, 33 were also in the auto.

Mr Beeley said he was "trying to stop a death" on the motorway, despite the minor nature of the accident.

All three cars were stopped at a Sainsbury's near the M27 in Southampton when the outburst took place on Saturday (July 22).

Mr Beeley, who has worked on Sir David Attenborough's The Life of Birds, Planet Earth - The Future, and BBC Natural World, has been contacted by BBC News for a response. Beeley denied that he had done that, saying "I wouldn't say that to a bunch of wankers like you". Mr Gale, of Wiltshire, said the family had been involved in a minor crash with another auto minutes earlier on Saturday and amicably exchanged details with the driver.

He said he was placing the family under a citizens arrest and added: "I do want you dead".

"You didn't see her on the motorway with risky driving", he continues. What's more, it always produces iconic lines: the Zorro-esque "Put your hands on the auto and get ready to die" rivals "I'm Ronnie Pickering!" in the absurdist cringe stakes.

Mr Gale, 33, claimed Mr Beeley grabbed hold of him around the throat.

Simon Gale, who is shown in the video being confronted by Mr Beeley, said of the incident (via The Independent): "It was quite a scary thing".

"We're definitely going to be a bit more cautious from now on".

Fergus Beeley, who previously worked with David Attenborough, allegedly asked the family, who were travelling in two cars, to come off the motorway in order to discuss what he called the grandmother's "dangerous" driving.

His Linkedin profile suggests that he has worked with the beloved naturalist and broadcaster for the past 25 years.

A Hampshire police spokesperson said: "We were called to a non-injury road traffic collision on the M27 between junctions 5 and 7 at 11.30am on July 22".

Mr Beeley, of Badminton, Gloucestershire, was not available to comment.

"When officers attended all parties had moved to the Sainsbury's vehicle park in Hedge End".

"As a result, advice was given to both parties and they were told that two assaults will be recorded and filed".