Shepard Smith Loses It on Trump-Russia: 'The Deception ... Is Mind-Boggling'

  • Shepard Smith Loses It on Trump-Russia: 'The Deception ... Is Mind-Boggling'

Shepard Smith Loses It on Trump-Russia: 'The Deception ... Is Mind-Boggling'

Fox News host Shepard Smith slammed what he called "lies" and "deception" pushed by Donald Trump a fiery Friday rant over emerging details of Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer last summer.

In a segment with his network colleague Chris Wallace, Smith was offering commentary about the latest revelations in the unfolding scandal.

Smith also seemed shocked that people still believed that the media was simply making up these allegations, saying, "There are still people who are out there who believe we're making it up".

At one point, he even seemed to directly address his Fox viewers to remind them that, no, this isn't fake news.

SMITH: I don't think we have yet.

The president often retweets clips from Fox News programming, particularly Fox & Friends, and promotes appearances by his family members on the channel.

"If there's nothing there, and that's what they tell us, why all these lies?"

The views expressed by Smith and Wallace over the Russian controversy that has followed President Donald Trump are different than that of their Fox colleagues, such as Sean Hannity. If you come clean, you know.

Since then, the list of known participants in the meeting has grown to include a Russian-American lobbyist, an interpreter and another person who has not yet been identified. Smith said, Why is it lie after lie after lie?... "If you (are) clean, come on clean, you know?" "There's a lot of truth to everything that you said".

It doesn't happen often, but the Fox hosts are right. Lies that have been proven false. "They were lying about talking to the Russians, about something".

Former Republican Rep. Jack Kingston, who was a senior campaign adviser, even suggested Friday that if this now infamous meeting were really nefarious, campaign chairman Paul Manafort would have ordered everyone involved to delete their emails to cover up their crime.

Wallace said the White House had a "huge problem with credibility".

He said it may be bad or embarrassing, but the ongoing dribble of new information is even more damaging.