No plans to ban Telegram in Malaysia: DPM Zahid

  • No plans to ban Telegram in Malaysia: DPM Zahid

No plans to ban Telegram in Malaysia: DPM Zahid

Telegram will create a team of moderators to remove "terrorist-related content" in Indonesia, co-founder Pavel Durov said on Sunday, after the Indonesian government threatened to ban the encrypted messaging app.

Telegram CEO, Pavel Durov, said the firm will investigate the Indonesia charges.

"If there are no improvements we must consider shutting down all (social media) platforms".

Samuel Pangerapan, the director general of informatics applications at the ministry, said the app is used to recruit Indonesians into militant groups and to spread hate and methods for carrying out attacks including bomb making.

The 11 blocked Telegram domain name systems (DNS) are,,,,,,,,, and, according to the Jakarta Post.

Indonesia's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology on Friday said it was preparing for the total closure of Telegram in Indonesia, where it has several million users, if it did not develop procedures to block unlawful content.

Many of Telegram's early adopters are from Indonesia. ISIS has heightened attacks in Indonesia and the Philippines this year, and the chat app has always been seen as a key communication tool.

Telegram did not immediately respond to a request for comment. "The sad truth is that this will not work", Telegram's Markus Ra said.

Telegram has become associated with the terrorist organisation, with the platform becoming the primary source of communication for the group due to the ability to communicate with an unlimited number of users.

Telegram is a free Russian-designed messaging app that lets people exchange messages, photos and videos in groups of up to 5,000.

Telegram is all about security and encryption so the fact that we can not just wander into Durov's wall of comments and gorge on them is reassuring, if frustrating, and if we were reviewing Telegram as a thing it would probably win some points for this.