Military standoff between China and India intensifies

  • Military standoff between China and India intensifies

Military standoff between China and India intensifies

India shares a long border with China's Tibetan region. China has been building dams over it, causing concern in India that it could affect the flow of the Brahmaputra.

The report said that the brigade participated in the quick delivery of troops and different military units working together on joint attacks during the live-fire drills. The brigade that conducted the drills was from the PLA's Tibet Military Command and is one of China's two plateau mountain brigades, the Global Times said. Analysts believe that the drill are an apparent attempt by the military to reassure the Chinese public about the combat readiness of its troops. Another drill involved the use of anti-tank grenades and missiles.

"The video also shows radar units identifying enemy aircraft and soldiers using anti-aircraft artillery to annihilate targets", the report said.

The fresh military drill by Chinese forces comes almost a week after the PLA conducted an exercise in central Tibet, almost 15,000 feet above the sea-level. The drills lasted 11 hours, Chinese news portal reported.

However, PLA spokesperson Wu Qian clarified that the military drill was not targeted against India.

A steady line of supplies is being maintained for the soldiers at the site, official sources said, signalling that Indian Army is not going to wilt under any pressure from China.

The Indian and Chinese forces remain at stand-off at the border near Sikkim for the fifth week in a row, as neither of the two sides have agreed to soften their stance over the disputed territory of Doklam.

Though Bhutan does not have diplomatic relations with China or any of the four other members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), Beijing has, of late, added fresh momentum in its efforts to open up an embassy in Thimphu - a move New Delhi has been closely monitoring.

The standoff at Sikkim erupted in mid-June, after the Indian forces prevented the road construction party of China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) from entering Doklam, lying at the tri-juncture of India, China and Bhutan. Beijing has accused New Delhi of violating a convention signed in 1890 between Britain and China relating to Sikkim and Tibet.