NYPD Arrest Three for Rape of Christian Woman Abducted Outside Queens Church

  • NYPD Arrest Three for Rape of Christian Woman Abducted Outside Queens Church

NYPD Arrest Three for Rape of Christian Woman Abducted Outside Queens Church

Twenty-year-old Brandon Walker, 17-year-old Justin Williams and 19-year-old Julisses Ginel are charged with sexual assault, robbery and weapons charges, among others, for their alleged role in the attack Tuesday night, according to police. Police are still looking for the fourth suspect.

He said she was forced to lie that she was HIV positive after her attackers tried to rape her at gun point. She was then led down the block to 150th Street and Beaver Road where she was assaulted behind a garbage truck. 'I said, "What? In the middle of the street?"'

Police arrested three people for allegedly forcing a woman to perform oral sex on them on a street in Jamaica, Queens earlier this week. The next two victims allegedly were robbed when a second man, unidentified, displayed what appeared to be a firearm. Police believe all five men are in their 20s, and they do not believe the victim know her attackers, reports CBS News.

"She was crying. She was scared, she was crying. You know we couldn't control her because she said she had never had that kind of experience before", Oyetunde's wife, Bose, said, according to the News. She said that they pulled a gun on her and took her stuff, then wanted to sleep with her.

"They tell me, 'You don't have money so take off your clothes!'" the victim told The News.

'They said, "if you don't do that, I'll shoot you,"' the victim recounted to the Daily News.

The victim, in an interview with the Daily News, said the sexual predators also punched, slapped and threatened to kill her unless she acquiesced to their demands. "She (had) bruises on her face". When I got back, the third was finishing up.

When the woman got away, she ran back to the church, and the pastor called 911, police said.

Ginel said he was at the scene of the crime and saw the woman naked, but denied partaking in the act itself, according to prosecutors.

The suspects then ordered the woman to remove her clothing and one of the suspects removed the content of the victim's purse.

"One of the employees at a Transitional Independent Living program for young adults discovered that temporary residents served through the program might be linked to the attack reported in the media", said a statement from SCO Family of Services, operator of the home.