Million Customers Records Exposed

  • Million Customers Records Exposed

Million Customers Records Exposed

Chris Vickery, a researcher at UpGuard, found the exposed data on an unprotected Amazon S3 storage server controlled by an employee of Nice Systems.

"As a media outlet recently reported, an employee of one of our vendors put information into a cloud storage area and incorrectly set the storage to allow external access", a spokesperson for Verizon told CNBC Wednesday. According to Vickery, up to 14 million clients are still at risk of having their data compromised, ZDNet reports.

The data found on the server included six folders with with customer records that also referenced that some of the customers' calls were being recorded and given a "frustration score". As of now, there is no news if the data was accessed by any other person.

Nice Systems, the Israeli firm responsible for the breach, said in a statement that a fat-fingered staffer was to blame. However, the data was accessible to anyone who knew the "easy-to-guess" web address. These log files were recordings of customer calls to Verizon customer service and were apparently from various regions in the U.S., including Florida and Sacramento.

So far Verizon has not provided a way for customers to check whether or not their data was exposed, so the safest thing to do right now is to change your PIN. Verizon representatives ask for the PIN codes to verify the identity of people requesting for customer service.

The exposed records included information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and account verification PINs.

According to reports, Nice Systems is a Ra'anana, Israel-based company that Verizon is working with to manage its customer service calls.

"The long duration of time between the initial June 13th notification to Verizon by UpGuard of this data exposure, and the ultimate closure of the breach on June 22nd, is troubling", Upguard wrote.

Verizon said that the breach was not a problem with its wireless service, but instead is linked to a residential and small business self-service call center portal.

Verizon is committed to the security and privacy of our customers. (NYSE:VZ) customers who called their help line over the past half year have unwittingly had their personal account details exposed to potential hackers.