Kim Kardashian shuts down rumors of cocaine use

  • Kim Kardashian shuts down rumors of cocaine use

Kim Kardashian shuts down rumors of cocaine use

Kim Kardashian: The (false) corset of his daughter North, 4 years, makes scandal ... A few days ago, the girl was photographed dressed in an orange dress, over which she wore a corset-like piece.

As debate naturally raged on social media, many users weighed in, leading to Rebekah's indignant response to the ensemble which resulted in her shooting down one user who attempted to defend the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star. "I will never put a corset on my daughter", she said on Twitter. "It's a dress that is cotton fabric that laces up & looks like a corset!" She turned the dress around to show that the corset-looking part was only in the front and that North was never actually secured in the waist-cinching attire.

But as Kim pointed out on Twitter on July 13, things aren't always as they appear as the 36-year-old reality star defended the corset-inspired ensemble.

Nevertheless, Kardashian's fans were highly amused by her explanation, with numerous Twitter responses disputing her G-rated explanation for the photo.

Kim then continued, 'I think it's really cute.

"OMG you guys!" she tweeted to her 54.1 million followers. I just got back to my hotel and look at this table - same position and it's still there.

Sharing a video of the dress in question, Kim proved that the lace-up detail didn't actually tighten the outfit - it was just purely decoration.

Kardashian shared a video of herself holding up the dress that North was wearing.

'That's sugar from our candy mess from dylan's candy (sic)'. In fact, she just posted a few photos and videos to social media that should hush 'em up real quick. I have kids and it's just not my lifestyle. "I'm so fascinated with how you made this whole career for yourself just off of YouTube, and everyone connecting with you - and they're connecting with you for a reason".

Further explaining her revulsion, the 35-year-old added: "This is lingerie!"