Component Shortages Hurt PC Shipments in Q2

  • Component Shortages Hurt PC Shipments in Q2

Component Shortages Hurt PC Shipments in Q2

Gartner said this week that the PC market declined 4.3 percent during the second quarter. Shipment numbers fell to the lowest level seen since 2007, and this is the eleventh straight quarter in which the market has declined going by Gartner's stats.

However Gartner delivered some bad news for the Tame Apple Press which has been trying to tell us that Apple is back in the running with its PCs.

Higher prices stemming from tight supplies of some components, particularly solid-state drives, were felt to be among the factors that had hampered sales. "Many consumers are willing to postpone their purchases until the price pressure eases", she added.

HP managed to reclaim its place as the number one manufacturer from Chinese brand Lenovo following strong sales and growth of 3.3 per cent, whilst Lenovo's growth fell 8.4 per cent year-on-year.

Dell also saw growth for the fifth consecutive quarter year-over-year. Shipments grew in most regions, and it did especially well in the US market where its shipments growth far exceeded the regional average.

The Australian results compare with an estimate of global IT spending in 2017 of US$3.5 trillion, up just 2.4pc on 2016 figures. Lenovo recorded year-over-year shipment declines in all key regions.

So. In one scenario, Apple's sales fall by a much smaller amount than other PC OEMs, and it therefore gains market share even as it sells fewer systems. The strategic balance between share gain and profitability is a challenge for all PC vendors.

Dell achieved five consecutive quarters of year-on-year global shipment growth, as shipments increased 1.4% in 2Q17. This can be attributed towards it's priority on PCs-as-a-Service. Apple, Asus and Acer take the remaining spots, and each saw a decline in PC shipments during Q2.

Estimates by Gartner as well as IDC underlined the underlying weakness in the PC market.

Although it should be mentioned that Chromebook shipments aren't completely unrelated to PC shipments. Gartner's data, on the other hand, showed a worldwide PC shipment decline of 4.3%. Chromebook shipments grew 38 percent past year, for the record. "For example, infrastructure of general connectivity needs to improve; mobile data connectivity needs to become more affordable; and it needs to have more offline capability".

In the Q2 report, HP's PC shipments were 12.6 million with a market share of 20.8 percent.