China just added first foreign military base

  • China just added first foreign military base

China just added first foreign military base

In diplomatic circles also discussed the possibility of creating similar databases of China and in other countries, such as Pakistan, but the Chinese government rejected these assumptions. It also raises the possibility of "forward deployment" at India's doorstep - at Pakistan's Gwadar port, where the deployment now is intended only to "protect" Chinese workers at the facility.

In recent years, China has increased its investment in Africa and modernized its armed forces.

US, France, Italy, and Japan all have military bases in Djibouti. The two navy warships, Jinggangshan and Donghai Island semi-submersible ship left from Zhanjiang in South China's Guangdong Province on Tuesday for the support base in Djibouti.

The support base could also drive local economic and social development and will be beneficial for China to make more contributions to safeguarding peace and stability in Africa and the world, Geng said.

Asked about the view that it marks a step in China's "military expansion overseas", Geng stated that the country was "committed to the path of peaceful development and follows a defensive national defense policy". It started building the base, which is the country's first naval base overseas, previous year and it will be stationed just a few miles from Camp Lemonnier, the only permanent United States base in Africa since 2002.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang told a press conference on Wednesday that China's support base in Djibouti would be beneficial for China to fulfill its worldwide responsibilities in convoys in the Gulf of Aden and the waters off Somalia, and offering humanitarian assistance. In the editorial, it said: "Certainly this is the People's Liberation Army's first overseas base and we will base troops there". In this regard, foreign countries need to have their military bases in the region, and the location of Djibouti makes the Republic attractive to host foreign military installations, said "bi-Bi-si".

China's expanding presence and its base at Djibouti is a matter of concern for the US.

The Republic of Djibouti - a country in the horn of Africa, located in the North-Western coast of the Indian ocean, at the southern entrance to the Red sea.

The Hindustan Timesreported that with Djibouti, China has stepped up activity in the Indian Ocean, which India considers within its sphere of influence. It's not a commercial resupply point. "Foreign public opinion focuses on the base for good reason; this base will support China's navy to go farther afield, and it is of great significance".

In the chapter "A Blue Water Navy, Does it Matter", You, now a Professor and Head of the Department of Government and Public Administration at the University of Macau, recalled Zheng He's legendary blue water voyages: "The message is clear: if China had developed a sense of ocean 600 years ago, it would have always been a superpower".

There has been persistent speculation that China might build other such bases, in Pakistan for example, but the government has dismissed that.

In return, Africa supplies China with natural resources, minerals and energy.

In 2015, at a major summit with African nations, China pledged to invest United States dollars 60 billion in Africa's development, the BBC reminds. In 2015, Beijing embarked on its first overseas peacekeeping mission in South Sudan.