Trump's Prayer Photo And The Laying On Of Hands Sparks Twitter Backlash

  • Trump's Prayer Photo And The Laying On Of Hands Sparks Twitter Backlash

Trump's Prayer Photo And The Laying On Of Hands Sparks Twitter Backlash

He said it was an "honor to pray within the Oval Office" for Trump and Pence.

"What kind of voodoo mojo are you [chucklf-ks] doing in the White House", tweeted John @scavenger101. Was it a repeat of President Bill Clinton conspicuously carrying a Bible and meeting with religious leaders during the Monica Lewinsky scandal?

The Russia investigation was never mentioned, Land said, except as an "irritant" during the work session with administration officials.

Some of those praying laid their hands upon Trump or directed their hands toward him as is the custom of Christians praying over the person whom they are asking God to bless.

What do you think of President Trump's prayer photo? This week, as revelations of a secular sort consumed Washington - that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer reportedly offering dirt on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign - Trump turned to evangelicals for a friendly audience and perhaps some divine intervention.

Interestingly, CNN and other liberals did not mock former President Barack Obama when he prayed in the Oval Office or led prayer circles with Christian ministers. Jesus and his apostles did it all the time. President Trump won a large portion of the evangelical base when he ran for office. Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne also shared a photo featuring all of the evangelical faith leaders who were invited to pray for President Trump. While evangelicals vary in their views of Trump, a survey from the Pew Research Center during Trump's first few months in office found that white Catholics and white evangelicals who attend religious services regularly have a higher approval rating of Trump than those who don't attend services regularly.

Land said Trump seems to enjoy the time he spends with evangelicals.

According to Moore, the photo actually shows "a substantive relationship between the evangelical community and this administration".

The evangelicals invited to these meetings sometimes laud Trump with an almighty allotment of praise.

Among the attendees were three Southern Baptist pastors: Jack Graham, Ronnie Floyd and Robert Jeffress.

The mean-spirited and confused reaction to a tweet showing a photo of pastors and Vice President Pence praying for President Donald Trump in the Oval Office says more about the Left's open contempt for Christians in the public square than it does about the much-distorted "separation of church and state". "You fought hard for me", he told the Faith & Freedom Coalition, "and now I'm fighting hard for all fo you".

Evangelicals have been enthusiastically supporting the president in light of his promises to promote and defend religious liberty in the wake of reported government violations of religious freedoms in recent decades.

In May, Trump gave evangelical leaders a tour of his private quarters in the White House before the leaders watched Trump announce an executive order on religious freedom. Some evangelicals, in turn, have buffered him with a steady stream of adulation.