Man Utd named third most valuable sports team

  • Man Utd named third most valuable sports team

Man Utd named third most valuable sports team

In another impressive showing, every NFL team except for three-the Cincinnati Bengals, Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills-made the list of the top 50 franchises, showing just how profitable the league is compared to other supposed major sports like baseball, hockey and basketball. Assistant managing editor at Forbes, Mike Ozanian, spoke about United becoming football's most valuable club for the first time since 2012.

The NFL wasn't the only league to experience a rise in value, as the cutoff to qualify increased 18 percent this year to $1.75 billion.

And in the latest Forbes list of Most Valuable Sports Teams, Baltimore's team, the Ravens are in the top 30. Spanish rivals Barcelona drop down 1 place from third to fourth whilst Real Madrid dropped 3 places to fifth. Manchester City are valued at $2.083 billion, Arsenal at $1.93 billion and Chelsea at $1.845 billion.

Forbes says the Cowboys are now the world's most valuable sports team in 2017.

According to the website, the rankings are "based on Forbes valuations done over the past year for NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, F1, soccer and Nascar". No Formula 1 teams made the cut, not even Mercedes after winning the F1 title previous year.

Of those top-seven North American teams, four missed the playoffs this past season.