German cops nab suspect family, fail to find 100-kilo gold coin

  • German cops nab suspect family, fail to find 100-kilo gold coin

German cops nab suspect family, fail to find 100-kilo gold coin

The Canadian coin with the picture of Queen Elizabeth II has a face value of 1 million USA dollars.

The theft of the Canadian commemorative coin, whose material value is estimated at nearly €3.8m, had stunned Berliners due to the seeming simplicity of the robbers' plan.

Investigators have spoken with German gold specialists, hoping that they had come into contact with the coin, Mr. Steltner said, but to no avail.

The arrests follow last week's release of CCTV footage showing hooded suspects averting their faces as they walked along an otherwise deserted train station platform. They did not have criminal records, but three of them were associates of a crime ring, with the fourth a museum security guard who provided information instrumental to the theft, said Martin Steltner, a spokesman for Berlin's public prosecutor's office.

Masked police officers in Berlin raided multiple homes on Wednesday, taking two men were taken into custody with their faces obscured, but the coin has not been located.

German special police commandos arrested several people during raids in Berlin on Wednesday over the spectacular robbery of a 100 kilo gold coin, worth about $4 million, from Berlin's Bode Museum in March. The authorities also searched a neighborhood jewelry store that might have been involved in selling the gold.

It was stolen from Berlin's Bode Museum in March, where it had been since 2010.

Police believe the thieves broke into the museum from an elevated section of tram tracks, using a ladder to enter undetected. Police also seized a auto containing a knife and a disguise. The thieves then used a wheelbarrow to carry the coin.

Measuring one inch thick with a diameter of over 51cm, the coin was one of only five and had the highest metal value of the limited edition, boasting 99.999 per cent purity.

While one side of these coins features a hand-polished maple leaf design by Royal Canadian Mint artist and engraver Stan Witten, the other bears the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II by celebrated Canadian portrait artist Susanna Blunt.