Kushner Lawyer Seasoned in Navigating Washington Scandals

  • Kushner Lawyer Seasoned in Navigating Washington Scandals

Kushner Lawyer Seasoned in Navigating Washington Scandals

Jared Kushner, 36, has added Abbe Lowell to his legal team after it emerged that a special prosecutor was reviewing his business interests as part of the inquiry.

According to the New York Law Journal, New York law firm, Chadbourne & Parke, and its global merger partner, Norton Rose Fulbright boasts on its website that it advised Russia's Sberbank during the acquisition of a 20 percent stake in a mineral deposit development company. Gorelick is a partner at WilmerHale, the same law firm that Bob Mueller, who was appointed as Special Counsel to investigate the Russian Federation allegations, came from.

Lowell is one of the country's most prominent trial lawyers. He won the acquittal of former North Carolina senator John Edwards in a campaign finance prosecution.

He is now representing a senator from New Jersey, Bob Menendez, in a federal bribery case.

United States defense attorney Abbe Lowell seen at an event at Congregation B'nai Tzedek in Potomac, Maryland, in April 2015.

Kushner's company saw the massive loan finalized in October 2016, according to The Washington Post - soon before Donald Trump would win the presidency and appoint his son-in-law Kushner as a senior adviser.

The Deutsche Bank loan capped what Kushner Cos. viewed as a triumph: It had purchased four mostly empty retail floors of the former New York Times building in 2015, recruited tenants to fill the space and got the Deutsche Bank loan in a refinancing deal that gave Kushner's company $74 million more than it paid for the property.

Kushner has also come under scrutiny for several meetings he had with Russian officials, including one in which he sought to set up back channel communications with Moscow through Russia's ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak.

Deutsche Bank has also been tied to the ongoing investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

At the same time, Deutsche Bank was facing a mortgage fraud case in NY and other charges for its alleged links to a Russian money-laundering scheme.

Kushner has made is clear that he is eager to cooperate with the investigation, but he is also taking steps to protect himself. The Democrats were stymied by Deutsche, which claimed USA laws hindered it from sharing client information with governments, an assertion Democrats claimed was a misrepresentation of the law.