An undeclared 'Emergency' in the country now, says Congress

  • An undeclared 'Emergency' in the country now, says Congress

An undeclared 'Emergency' in the country now, says Congress

He said it was essential to remember the incidents which have caused harm to democracy and move ahead towards the positives of democracy.

He said that in a way, the entire nation had been converted into a prison, with opposing voices being curbed.

On Sunday, the Congress hit back and accused the NDA government of imposing an "undeclared emergency" on the country during its regime, referring to the recent CBI action against NDTV promoters Prannoy Roy and his wife, Radhika.

Modi also recited a poem written by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on the completion of one year of Emergency wherein he longed for the end of restrictions and return to freedom. "The media was completely rendered useless", Modi said. "Not even the judiciary was spared from the shadow of authoritarianism", Modi said.

It, however, acknowledged that the Emergency, imposed on this day in 1975, "was a mistake" and said lessons have been learned.

"What Prime Minister said was right".

Modi said whoever wants to supply any item to the government, small things such as electric bulbs, dustbins, brooms, chairs and tables can register themselves on E-GEM website. The Congress points fingers at us and what they did during their regime by imposing Emergency can not be forgot so soon.

"The so-called separatists have now become full-grown terrorists, thanks to the help of PDP and choreography of the BJP which speaks one language in the Kashmir Valley and talks about nationalism all over India", Congress spokesperson Tom Vadakkan told reporters. If you do not learn from history, you are condemned to repeat it. "Let us come together and take inspiration from these holy festivals and share their joyous treasures, and take the nation forward". "This is for the first time that internal and outer security are running parallel simply for reason when there is firing and incursion is coming in from Pakistan and terrorist and separatist are actively engaged inside the country", he said.

"The Group of Ministers has been reduced to "just a name" under the Modi rule. It is not the Union Cabinet but the Prime Minister's Office which takes decisions", Mr Vadakkan claimed.