Xbox One X won't turn a profit for Microsoft

  • Xbox One X won't turn a profit for Microsoft

Xbox One X won't turn a profit for Microsoft

The price tag of $499 is actually right on the money for many analysts, as the price is what many predicted for the Xbox One X. The question, however, is whether gamers will be willing to pay that price, especially considering the lack of exclusives for the Xbox One compared to the PlayStation 4.

It was launched in November of that year with 104 Xbox 360 games supported to begin with.

On the other hand, Mike Ybarra, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President for Xbox and Windows, refused to deny or confirm whether the new Xbox would still be compatible with virtual reality in future.

Spencer, however, refused to admit that Microsoft is selling each Xbox One X at a loss, clouding the profit margin that the company expects from what is described as "the world's most powerful console".

Spencer then went on to say that the Xbox One X feature 40 percent more GPU and a larger, faster RAM.

So far, there are around 390 Xbox 360 games playable on Xbox One, but only two original Xbox games were announced.

When Microsoft announced its newest game console, the curiously named Xbox One X, there was one thing that was not mentioned during the event much to the surprise of anyone who witnessed the same event past year.

Xbox One is the only console system created to play the best games of the past, present and future.

One of the title that was being shown off during the launch included Forza Motorsport 7. "The focus I had on this show was games you're going to get to play in the next year". From what we can tell, it will offer more power than the PS4 Pro rival. The console also supports 4K games, which is now at the top edge of video game technology. Beyond Phil Spencer, Microsoft has been very quiet on the possibility of VR support on the Xbox One X. This is a great way to attract potential new buyers to the console, and can be seen as a great marketing technique to boost the popularity of both the One X and the Game Pass.

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