Team Pacquiao: 'Jeff Horn is a unsafe guy'

  • Team Pacquiao: 'Jeff Horn is a unsafe guy'

Team Pacquiao: 'Jeff Horn is a unsafe guy'

Horn's long-time trainer, Glenn Rushton, has devised a 10-point plan by analyzing Pacquiao's fights against Mayweather, Vargas and Bradley, and thinks Horn is capable of producing an upset win. I look at his eyes between rounds to judge his spirit.

Horn reckons his last fight was in front of 1,500 people, and jokes "there's not much difference in the crowd size, is there?"

Despite the potential for disaster, Roach is confident Pacquiao will prove his class once again and then move on to open talks with the victor of Mayweather v Conor McGregor after the summer.

While Horn has age on his side - at 29 he's nine years younger than Pacquiao - the fight represents an huge leap in class for the Brisbane challenger, who has quit his former life as a school teacher for what can only be described as a dream opportunity against an all-time great.

Pacquiao was coy about a possible rematch, stressing that his focus was on the title fight against 29-year-old former schoolteacher Horn.

"And I mean to get Mayweather you have to look good against Jeff Horn, he has to look good, he has to be impressive". We don't want to underestimate. This fight is not done yet. "I've prepared for different techniques, whatever his techniques are going to be in the ring, I'm ready for that, either aggressive or moving around".

Before leaving the gym, Pacquiao signed some souvenirs and took photos with Australian fans, who patiently waited for him to finish his training.

Roach was in Pacquiao's corner when Marquez connected on that stunning right hand counter that sent the Filipino star falling face first to the canvas with just one second to go in the sixth round.

Roach doubted whether Horn's main sparring partner, Filipino Czar Amonsot, offered a great deal when compared with Pacquiao, although the Horn camp feel they came out of their sessions with the required work under the belt. "I know what he's feeling - being there, being the underdog".

He revealed, "It's the first time we've had two knockdowns in training camp [for a while], we haven't had that in maybe six years".

Mayweather and Pacquiao finally took their rivalry into the ring in 2015 after years of back-and-forth, with Money maintaining his flawless record over the course of 12 one-sided rounds.

"My preparation has been very good, " Pacquiao said. "Also I'm a teacher in the ring so..."