Nintendo SNES Classic Edition: Games, price and release

  • Nintendo SNES Classic Edition: Games, price and release

Nintendo SNES Classic Edition: Games, price and release

Games such as "Super Mario Run" have been popular in terms of downloads, but Nintendo said it did not generate the revenue it wanted to from the game, perhaps because of the $10 initial fee to play the game.

Although the $80 price of Nintendo's Super NES Classic Edition seems like a good deal, game enthusiasts will need to consider that the game console has many limitations and has restricted number of video games available.

Nintendo is officially launching the Super NES Classic Edition on September 29. As we all know the massively successful NES Classic Edition has already been discontinued by the Japanese company just two months ago.

Some 20 games including 'Super Mario Kart' and 'The Legend of Zelda' are pre-installed on the console, along with the never-before-seen Star Fox 2.

There is also a rumour going around that some stock is being held for the 29 September 2017 release date.

Due to low stock shipments from Nintendo, many hopeful buyers were left disappointed by the limited availability of the NES Classic Mini.

Yesterday (June 26) saw the official announcement of the SNES Classic Edition, or the Mini Super Famicom for Japan.

It's now unclear which version of the game will actually be included, as it was never released back in the day, and thus href="" target="_blank" Games Industry /a made a decision to contact one of the original game developers, Dylan Cuthbert, to find out more. That's bound to happen when making a classic version of a system with a library of games the size of the SNES.

Along with the console, players get a pair of plug-in mini SNES controllers, so multiplayer games can be played straight out of the box.

Nintendo's latest console, the Switch, has also been a hit with consumers.