GOP Sen. Bob Corker Blocks Arms Deal to Gulf Countries

The other countries charged Qatar with supporting terrorism and attempting to undermine their governments, and criticized what they said were Qatar's too-friendly relations with Iran. They included shutting the Al-Jazeera TV network, cutting back diplomatic ties with Iran and ending Turkey's military presence in the country - a list Qatar said was far from the "reasonable and actionable" proposals Tillerson had called for.

So far, however, the markets were mostly focused on the global glut, what with USA shale production rising, OPEC's output-cut-exempt Libya and Nigeria boosting production, and stubbornly high inventories despite the Saudi-led efforts to draw down oversupply.

"Iran's air space, ground and sea will be always be open to Qatar as a. friendly nation", said Rouhani, and that the two nations' cooperation will remain "continuous". Turkey has already rejected this proposal.

Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirate had accused Qatar of backing terrorism, a charge it denied.

The Committee to Protect Journalists, Human Rights Watch, Reporters Without Borders, the New York Times editorial board and The Guardian have all condemned the efforts to pressure Qatar into shutting down Al Jazeera. "... This approach of 13 demands is against global law because you can not attack or intervene in the sovereignty of a country". This means Qatar must stop granting citizenship to wanted nationals and Revoke Qatari citizenship where it violates the sanctioning countries laws.

Moreover, Qatar is demanded to pay financial compensation, although the sum was not reported.

Submit personal details of all opposition members that Qatar supported. "If Saudi Arabia wants us to have base there, a step towards this also can be taken", he told reporters.

Consent to monthly compliance audits for the first year and annually for the following decade.

The group apparently gave Qatar 10 days to comply.

While the Qatari Foreign Ministry has yet to issue an official reply, the director of the government's communications office, Sheikh Saif Al-Thani, called the Gulf States' demands "unrealistic" and said they were aimed at limiting Qatar's sovereignty. Kuwait handed the list of collective demands to Doha on Thursday, according to Qatar News Agency. "I just can't imagine a situation where the Qatari ruling elite agree to these demands because they're so extreme".

If diplomacy doesn't work "and Qatar is not ready to acknowledge and address its support for extremism and terrorism, we will have to come and say 'you go your way, '" Gargash said. The deals includes naval vessels, helicopters, tanks and other major weapons systems that Trump has variously said would bring "thousands" and "tens of thousands" of defense industry jobs to the United States.